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Leaking hot water cylinder

Hot Water Cylinders

Signs Your Hot Water Cylinder is Leaking

Leaking hot water cylinder

Is your hot water heater leaking? Before you panic, water pooling around your heater doesn’t always indicate a leak. Of course, if you have water spraying out and flooding your house that’s a different story altogether and you should call us ASAP 0800 255 758 . It’s most important to remember that water and electricity…

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Hot Water Solutions For Your Home

Continuous Gas Hot Water Auckland

What type of hot water cylinder do I need? As a rule of thumb, these types of hot water cylinders work best for these households: Small household (1-2 people): Continuous flow gas or electric, or small gas storage Medium household (3-4): Gas systems, either continuous flow or storage, or a heat pump. Large household (5+): …

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Replacing An Old Hot Water Cylinder

Replace Hot Water Cylinder

WHEN DO I NEED TO REPLACE MY HOT WATER CYLINDER? Hot water cylinders work quietly in the background, allowing us to do everything from washing the dishes to taking a shower. We often don’t even think about what kind of hot water system we have until they stop working like they should. You’ll want to…

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What Size Hot Water Cylinder Do I Need?

How much Hot Water?

WHICH HOT WATER CYLINDER SIZE IS BEST FOR ME? There are three main sizes of hot water cylinders: 180ltr, 250ltr, 300ltr. Picking the right hot water cylinder depends on how many people live in the house. Here’s an easy hot water cylinder size guide: 180ltr: 2-3 people household 250ltr: 2-5 people household 300ltr: 3-5 people…

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