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Hot Water Cylinders



We supply and install hot water cylinders Auckland wide and carry out hot water cylinder repairs auckland wide. We have a great range of gas hot water heaters suitable for homes and businesses and are experts in hot water cylinder installation. We also supply and repair the Rinnai Infinity or Rheem Continuous Flow instant hot water systems. Whether you need to replace an existing water heater or if you're building a new home, AllGo will have a solution to suit your specific needs. We can also carry out hot water cylinder repairs, fix your leaking hot water cylinder or replace your hot water cylinder thermostat. If you prefer an electric water heater, we'll sort it! Just give us a call.

See our range of gas hot water cylinders and electric water heaters below.

Want a hot water upgrade?

Deal of the moment: Upgrade to a new Mains Pressure hot water cylinder: If you keep the same position of the old one we can supply and install 180ltr Mains Pressure cylinder from $2400+ GST

INCLUDES FREE VALVE PACK WORTH $360.00 *not including electrician

*We believe if you’re getting a new cylinder you should also replace the valves

Rheem HW Cylinder



MainS Pressure

Provides a nice shower | Better water pressure | enjoyable

The mains pressure Rheem hot water cylinders we supply are designed for New Zealand conditions and water pressure. There is a range of storage facility from 25 to 300 liters. The hot water cylinders we can supply and install have a 7 year warranty and we provide a 12 month warranty on parts and workmanship. 

Optima HW Cylinder



optima Mains Pressure cylinders

Outdoor cylinder | Saves space | Don’t need a cupboard | Efficient

Rheem's Optima is a mains pressure hot water cylinder that offers a solution to install cylinders outside your home. This mains pressure cylinder can produce 40 liters of hot water per minute and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Low Pressure Cylinder

low Pressure cylinders

Uses less power | Uses less water

While the pressure is lower, the cylinders uses less power and less water. We ensure that all the cylinders we provide are pre-wired to meet New Zealand standards and building code requirements. They are not Mains Pressure cylinders but they are rated 76KPA water pressure. The holding capacity ranges from 25 to 350 liters.


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Hot Water Services


  • Overflow repair
  • New valves
  • Leaking hot water cylinder
  • Move cylinder (re-locate)
  • Better pressure
  • Hot water cylinder repairs
  • Hot water cylinder thermostat


New Heating Systems (upgrade / replace)

  • Electric hot water heating system
  • Gas hot water
  • Solar hot water
  • Convenient outside cylinders

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Gas Hot WATer Options

Mains Pressure Gas HWMains Pressure Gas

Gives abundant supply of hot water. Rheem hot water cylinders are top-of-the-line and perform under all water pressure conditions. Ask us about a Rheem Water Heater today.


Gas storage cylinderStellar

This is an efficient gas storage cylinder ideal for homes that have multiple bathrooms. As there are no electrical conditions, it continues working even without power.


Instant Gas Hot WaterGas Continuous Flow

Rheem and Rinnai have continuous flow and have optional temperature controllers. Excellent for homes with limited spaces as it does not store water, instead it heats as it passes through the unit. With this installed, you will never run out of hot water and it is built with consumer protection. Enquire about the Rinnai Infinity or Rheem Continuous Flow instant hot water systems today.


Solar Hot Water Options

180Ltr, 250Ltr, 300Ltr
Click through to our Solar page for more details.

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