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East of Auckland, and north of Manukau Pakuranga is a mostly residential suburb. AllGo Plumbing offer plumbing services Auckland wide. 


Plumber in Pakuranga AllGo plumbing  offer services in all the local suburbs, whether Half Moon Bay, Howick, Buckland’s Beach or north in Panmure, Point England, Glen Innes.





Can you think of anything worse than your drains blocking up and overflowing on Friday night forcing you to visit friends for the weekend or book into an expensive motel to get away from the smell? We can’t. Or even worse - the drains block up just before that party you’re throwing is about to start! A hundred guests are arriving soon and no one will be able to breathe, let alone eat the delicious food you’ve spent all day preparing!

Which is why our team of dedicated, highly-trained and enthusiastic plumbers are available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.

But it’s not just plumbing emergencies we offer and we don’t just work with residential plumbing issues. Our services include commercial plumbing, renovations, re-roofing, spoutingand guttering, drain unblocking, CCTV drain inspections and solar water heating. Having a professional team on call is important.

AllGo Plumbing & Drainage are the perfect company to have on-board as a member of your team, especially for commercial building owners and managers. You need a team that can be responsible for the building’s general plumbing maintenance needs and repairs on an on-going basis. A team that is professional, understands the full plumbing and drainage needs of a commercial building or a residential complex. Most importantly, you need a team that won’t waste your time.

AllGo Plumbing & Drainage provide Pakuranga with the most comprehensive and professional plumbing service in all of Auckland. Contact us today and let’s help you get your plumbing needs met quickly, efficiently and professionally.

Call us on 0800 255 758 or send us a message today. 

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