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Continuous Gas Hot Water Auckland

Hot Water Solutions For Your Home

What type of hot water cylinder do I need?

As a rule of thumb, these types of hot water cylinders work best for these households:

  • Small household (1-2 people): Continuous flow gas or electric, or small gas storage
  • Medium household (3-4): Gas systems, either continuous flow or storage, or a heat pump.
  • Large household (5+):  Multiple continuous flow hot water systems, gas storage units or large heat pumps.

Let’s look more closely at your options.

Low upfront costs: Electric hot water cylinders

These are the most commonly used hot water cylinder in New Zealand. You might want to get one if you:

  • are in a household using low to moderate amounts of hot water
  • are looking to have something with a relatively low upfront cost
  • need something that can be put on a controlled or night-rate electricity supply to get a lower electricity price
  • want to add a wetback to use some of your wood burners heat for water heating

Hot Water Cylinders Auckland Auckland Hot Water Cylinders Auckland Hot Water Cylinders

Freeing up space: Gas hot water cylinders

These are another popular option.

Gas hot water cylinders:

  • aren’t electricity dependant, so it works even during power cuts
  • are great if you already have a reticulated gas supply
  • can be installed outside your house, which can free up space inside.

Auckland Gas Hot Water Cylinder Installation Install Gas Hot Water Cylinder

Limitless hot water: Gas continuous flow

We install many of these increasingly popular systems every month. You might want to get one of these if you:

  • already have a reticulated gas supply
  • have a shortage of space. This type can be installed outside to save space.
  • want limitless hot water
  • like the idea of a digitally-controlled system. You can choose a specific water temperature, e.g to fill up a bath without adding cold water.

Rheem 27 Rinnai Infinity

Get the best hot water solution for you

Installing the right hot water solution or replacing an old hot water cylinder for your home could save heaps on energy bills.

Have questions about the best hot water solution for your household?

Have a look at our Hot Water Cylinders page for more information and feel free to contact us ‒ we have a wealth of experience in Hot Water Cylinder installation and Continuous Flow Instant Hot Water systems.

Give us a call on 0800 255 758 or Send us a message.  We’ll be happy to discuss the option that will work best for you.