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Replacing an old Hot Water Cylinder

When do I need to replace my hot water cylinder?

Hot water cylinders work quietly in the background, allowing us to do everything from washing the dishes to taking a shower. We often don’t even think about what kind of hot water system we have until they stop working like they should.

You’ll want to look at replacing your hot water cylinder if yours is:

  • Leaking
  • Rusty
  • Older than 15 years
  • Has pressure problems
  • A low-pressure hot water cylinder

Not sure whether you need to replace your hot water cylinder? Let’s dive into these tell-tale signs:


My cylinder is leaking 

Leaky valves or pipes? This is usually a simple job for a plumber. But if your cylinder is leaking from the bottom, it’s usually a sign that your hot water cylinder is no longer working well and may need replacing.


Replace Hot Water


Things have gotten rusty

Rust is not a good sign, as it can lead to leaking. As we’ve seen above, a cylinder that’s leaking from the bottom usually needs to be replaced. 


My cylinder is older than 15 years

If your hot water cylinder is older than the latest Hollywood starlet, it’s probably time to replace it. That’s because hot water cylinders installed before 2002 need wrapping to prevent energy loss. Now might be a good time to replace yours for a more energy-efficient system.


Leaking Hot Water Cylinder


I can’t handle the pressure

Ever had a moment when you’re happily having a warm shower when suddenly someone opens a tap in the kitchen, or switches on the washing machine in the laundry, and you’re left with just a thin stream of cold water?

This is usually the case when you’re using a low-pressure hot water cylinder, the type most older New Zealand homes were fitted with. 

Modern homeowners often prefer to upgrade to a mains pressure hot water cylinder, which delivers water to the entire house at the same pressure, meaning there can be various taps open at the same time.

Shaun, Senior Plumbing Advisor 


Why upgrading to a mains pressure hot water cylinder might be perfect for you

Sometimes your low pressure hot water cylinder just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore.  Here are some reasons people switch to mains pressure:

  • Most of the single lever tapware on the market only works with a mains pressure system.
  • Water is distributed evenly to all the taps in the house, so opening one tap won’t affect the water pressure from another.
  • You don’t get the annoying temperature variation in the shower that you do with a single pressure system.


New Mains Pressure Hot Water


Supercharge your hot water situation

Most Kiwi households spend 30% of their energy budget on hot water. That amounts to about $700 a year.

It pays to install the right system when you’re building a new house, or to replace an inefficient one with something that will save you money in the long run.


AllGo Plumbing’s hot water cylinder installation takes just four to six hours, so you can leave for work and come home to better hot water pressure that same day.
If you have any more questions about installing a mains pressure hot water cylinder, feel free to contact us ‒ we have a wealth of experience and are always happy to help.

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