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How Can I Avoid Blocked Drains?

water going down the drain

How can you avoid blocked drains?

  1. Avoid putting meal scraps down your drain
  2. Steer clear of putting flushable wipes in the toilet
  3. Don’t pour oil into the kitchen sink
  4. Keep external drains clean

Dealing with drainage

Hopefully, you’ve done something about it before water starts rising back up. But if not, you can rest easy and trust us to help you unblock it. You’ll want to call in the professionals when you start experiencing any of these drainage issues:

  • Bad smell coming from the shower drain
  • The kitchen sink starting to drain slower
  • Toilet makes a funny noise when you flush it
  • Water starting to rise, rather than draining

3 leading causes of drainage issues

The kitchen, the bathroom, and stormwater drains – are the most common places where a block is likely to occur.

Everything and the kitchen sink

A block in a kitchen sink is usually – would you believe – caused by food going down the drain. Whether it’s meal scraps or cooking fat, your drain will suffer if it’s not properly cared for.

The solution: an easy way to prevent your kitchen sink from blocking is to scrape plates into the bin before rinsing them off in the sink. When cleaning pans and oven trays, pour boiling water down the drain or run the hot water tap for a couple of minutes to keep everything smoothly moving through.

Rage against the latrine

Not sure why you have to keep unblocking your toilet? Often a blocked toilet comes about because people flush sanitary items and flushable wipes that (shock horror!) aren’t actually designed to be flushed.

These wipes get stuck somewhere along the drain and it only takes a couple more flushes for everything to get blocked up.

Our advice? Don’t flush those flushable wipes! And keep a bin in the bathroom for anything that isn’t toilet paper.

Let’s take this outside

Stormwater can have drainage issues, too. If the source of the problem is outside of the norm (leaves, rubbish, etc), the cause is usually due to tree roots infiltrating the drain and older drains are also likely to drop and crack.

Alternatively, a block can also be chalked up to poor workmanship and the way that the drains have been laid.

The solution: no top tips on preventing these ones – you’ll just have to call in the professionals!

Preparing for the future

The trouble with household drainage doesn’t have to be an ongoing stress.

Our team at AllGo Plumbing can unblock your drains and implement a maintenance solution – that way, you won’t have to worry about a block next winter, next year, or next time something goes down the drain that shouldn’t!

With top of the line equipment for both CCTV and hydro, no job is too big or small for us. Our professional tradesmen and high-quality service will see your drainage problems disappearing down the sink in no time.

Have trouble with drainage? Get in touch with our expert team today!