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Why You Need an Ongoing Plumbing Maintenance Plan

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Whether you’re running a large warehouse, managing a company with 20+ staff or simply in charge of the bathroom facilities at your workplace, there is one thing you’ll need: ongoing plumbing maintenance. 

3 reasons why you need a plumbing maintenance plan

1. Proactive vs reactive

Having to find a plumber every time you have a ‘situation’ on your hands can often lead to your leaky tap becoming a full-blown flood in the time that it takes for you to find someone to fix it. 

Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a team of professionals providing regular plumbing services to prevent the flood in the first place? 

Our ongoing plumbing maintenance plans ensure that any risk of flooding or general plumbing complications is always kept low. 

2. Outgrowing your bathroom

If your business has grown quickly and you don’t have enough toilets, urinals or general bathroom facilities to accommodate your staff, you’ll likely end up with some unhappy employees. 

Every growing business eventually outgrows its bathroom. By investing in ongoing plumbing maintenance, you’ll have a professional plumber on deck to identify when (and how) your bathroom needs expanding. 

3. Keep on track of upgrades

There comes a time when toilets and taps need upgrading. Avoid blocked drains with ongoing plumbing maintenance, a faulty tap can be quickly identified and replaced before you even have to worry about it ever being a problem. 


Staying ahead of the blocked drain game

Do you often find yourself lumped with recurring plumbing problems? Are you experiencing blocked sinks from coffee machine waste or blocked urinals from heavy-use bathrooms? 

We have the solution for you

Whatever your plumbing problem, we have a professional solution for you! Our large, diversely skilled team of tradesmen will carry out the plumbing services you need, as you need them. 

Working closely with many industries, agents, and landlords, trust All Go to provide the commercial plumbing maintenance, drainage, roofing repairs and emergency plumbing services you need to ensure that your business succeeds.

Are blocked drains getting in the way of business? Talk to our team about ongoing plumbing maintenance today

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