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Install a New Toilet

What to Do When Installing a New Toilet

What do I need to know when installing a toilet?

  1.   Your plumbing system has specific requirements for installation
  2.   It’s worth paying more for better quality 
  3.   International brands will make maintenance difficult 
  4.   You’ll need to check your warranty 

What to do when changing your loo

One day your toilet will flush for the last time causing drainage issues – and you’ll have to find a new one fast!

And although we all need a functioning loo, many people don’t realise the difficulties that can arise when finding and installing a toilet.

Rest assured, we are here to help with replacing a toilet correctly.

3 Things you need to consider when Replacing your Toilet

1.   Your plumbing system will have specific requirements

Sadly, it’s not simply a matter of buying a toilet, fitting it in your bathroom, and job done.

When replacing a toilet, you need to ensure you buy one that is compatible with your existing system, otherwise, it simply won’t be installable (without large costs and unnecessary awkwardness).

The waste pipe for a toilet either exits out the wall (P pan) or through the floor (S Pan).

S Trap or P Trap

If your new toilet doesn’t fit the same requirements, large alterations will need to be made to your wall and flooring – not ideal!

What do we recommend? Get advice and recommendations from an expert before purchasing anything. Our qualified team can help! Just send us a photo of your current system and we’ll recommend the right toilet to buy.

2.   Is your warranty guaranteed?

When replacing a toilet, it’s important to know how long your warranty will cover you. Why? Because you’ll be responsible for any hardware repairs!

Talk to your suppliers about the length of your warranty – it can vary. After all, clarity around any future maintenance work is important, and you don’t want to run into any additional costs.

What do we recommend? When it comes to installing a toilet, we have you covered with a credible network of suppliers. Our suppliers’ warranty means that any issues are managed by us, and all workmanship is covered by the master plumbers guarantee.

3.   Toilets are worth the extra buck

Avoid buying toilets from international brands. There’s nothing wrong with buying a toilet at a discount, but as the saying goes – the more money you put in, the better quality you get back.

The cheap prices of foreign brands can be enticing, but if you encounter problems with installing a toilet with an overseas label, you’ll face major hurdles trying to repair it. Parts can be virtually impossible to source, and you could end up needing a new toilet all over again!

What do we recommend? Stay local and prepare to spend more on a quality toilet – you’ll end up saving money in the long run. Here at AllGo Plumbing, we have a large network of quality kiwi suppliers for you to choose from!

New Toilet

At All Go, we’ll fit the perfect loo for you

Whatever your bathroom requirements, our team of qualified and attentive tradesmen work to the highest standards. We collaborate with reputable suppliers to source quality products for our customers.

So before you go toilet shopping, send us a photo of your current plumbing set-up for expert advice – we make replacing a toilet easy!

From finding the right toilet to plumbing the toilet, and maintenance or bathroom renovations, our team of professional tradesmen will support you all the way.

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